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Email Marketing
Did you know that for every $1 spent on email marketing, it generates $38 ROI on average? Seriously! Email marketing is a ridiculously powerful tool and we consistently create an execute campaigns that exceed industry averages. We can create, manage and automate your email marketing campaigns and autoresponders, just Contact Us and we’ll get to chatting!

Sales Letters
When you’ve got big ticket items or are selling directly to someone, you need a sales pitch as quality as your product. We know how to produce sales letters that make closing the sale ridiculously easy, leaving more time for you to roll around in the money you rake in. Contact us and we’ll get started on that letter for you.

Marketing Plans
“I know I need to do more marketing, but who has the time?” Sound familiar? This is a common problem for all businesses. Luckily, we’ve created systems to take care of that problem. We’ll set you up with an individually tailored marketing plan that you can execute around your busy schedule so you don’t have to worry about missing out on new business.

Landing Pages
The Landing Page is the key to your funnel. If you’re doing any kind of marketing without a solid landing page, any kind of ads, you’re wasting time and money. Without an effective landing page, you’re not going to convert visitors into customers. We know how to do just that and we’ve gotten results.

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn…Who’s got time to be posting multiple times a day on so many different platforms AND run your business? Even more, how do you know when you’re running excellent, efficient strategies and when you’re just posting to no one? We’ll make sure your social media turns into a revenue generating asset (sounds weird, right?)

“Put me on the front page of Google!” Did this use to be you? We both know that SEO is pretty hard and it’s a ton of stuff (Seriously, just google ‘SEO Checklist’ and see how many small details there are). You don’t want to spend all day dealing with metatags and making sure your copy has appropriate keyword volume. We’ll pump up your ranking on Google so you can pump up your business.

Marketing Consulting
Don’t know where to start, don’t know what you don’t know? A little bit scared of commitment and just want to find out what’s best? No problem. Contact us and we can schedule a marketing consultation so that we can help you learn and figure out the next best steps for your business.

Special Projects
Got a need that we haven’t listed here? No problem! Our skills translate to many different facets of marketing. Just send us a message and we can work something out. If we can’t handle your project, I guarantee we’ll find someone who will — for free.


“Fast, flexible, cooperative, fun to work with. Delivered 120%. Will definitely hire again.” – Marcus B.

“Top notch work and absolutely awesome to work with. Punctual, succinct and highly skilled. ”  – Alfred C.

“Great to work with. Fast, effective, smart and very good with communication. ”  – Andy A.

“The emails marketing sequence was so good we had to have an “Out Of Stock” email created. We sold out thanks to you.” – Alex C.

“Brian is a good copywriter, would have no hesitation in working with him again in the future!” – Gary F.

“Brian has turned in quality work and has been professional about it. ” – Leonid L.

“Definitely paid attention to my style and was able to help me out on an advertisement for a job.” – Theresa N.

“Very happy with his editing/writing skills. He rewrote a flyer for my business (SEO/web dev) and it both spoke to my audience and had a very business professional tone. ” – Philip G.

“Job well done. Met deadlines. Completed task well. Asked good questions.” – Jed S.

“Went above and beyond what was expected.” – Sean F.
“Absolutely awesome copywriter, and the fastest I’ve worked with. He’s friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommended A++” – Craig G.


“Skip Ad.” “Skip Ad.” “Skip Ad.” “Man, another freakin’ ad?”

Sound familiar?

This is how people react to ads because, simply, ads today aren’t very good. You know they’re going to be boring, they’re going to talk about their product for 30 seconds.

What if I told you that ads could catch people’s attentions? You can tell someone how your product will make their lives better. We know that killer copy and good marketing comes from detailing benefits — how products make lives better, how it affects the reader/viewer.

That’s what Armageddon Marketing is all about. Delivering great marketing, great advertisements, great copy that sells more of your product. That connects with your readers and viewers and makes them interested enough to learn more or to buy.

If you’re interested in working with us, go ahead and fill out that contact form with the relevant info — your business, what services you’re interested in, your project needs, etc. I’ll be in contact with you to hammer out the details so we can get to work on amplifying your business.


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