You’re Selling the Wrong Thing

When you’re writing copy, remember what you’re selling.

You’re not selling a scarf, you’re selling the key to a teenage girl’s winter wardrobe.

You’re not selling a necklace, you’re selling a hand-crafted Christmas present that will ignite a smile so bright it reaches deep into your soul.

You’re not selling a blanket, you’re selling hours of comfort on the couch with a hot chocolate in one hand and your family wrapped around the other on a cool winter day.

You’re not selling a program to help business owners. You’re selling the ability for them to buy the lake house they’ve always wanted, with the rope swing leading out into the water.

So when you’re writing copy, when you’re trying to sell something, remember what it is you’re selling. Are you focusing on features or benefits? On the what or the why?

Sell the benefit. Sell the dream.


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