Why Marketing is Important — Even for Small Business

People always ask, why is marketing important for me? Why should I spend my money on marketing? Am I going to see returns, or is the money going to be wasted?

The answer to all of those questions is simple. Money spent on marketing creates more money. When no money is spent on marketing, there is no business. That’s why marketing is important.


Marketing is Important Because it is Your Business.

Being a small business owner is very hard, I get it. You have to balance life and your business. You’re often overworked and underpaid. The last thing you want to be doing is spending money on something that might not turn profit. When you buy new equipment, you know how much more money it will make you. Marketing? Not so much.


But don’t let that scare you. Marketing is important, probably even more important than that new piece of machinery. Marketing generates leads, and leads turn into customers. Customers turn into sales and sales means money! That machinery isn’t going to make you any new sales. The machinery will help improve your business for the customers you get, but it’s not creating new sales. New customers are the lifeline of most businesses. If you want to continue to thrive and get new customers, marketing is important!


Consider your business an indoor garden. Of course, it doesn’t rain inside, so you have to water the plants or they’ll shrivel up and die. Your water is customers, leads. How are you going to get the water from the sink to the garden? How do you get the customers from wherever they are to your business? Are you just going to keep planting seeds, hoping that one day water just falls down on your garden? That’s not gonna happen and you know it. You gotta use a jug, a cup, a hose. Marketing is that medium. Marketing is what gets customers out of wherever they are and into your business – whether it’s an online business or a brick-and-mortar. Without marketing, you have no business.

Your beautiful business, in full bloom! All thanks to your effective marketin.
Your beautiful business, in full bloom! All thanks to your effective marketin.


Marketing is Important Because It Eliminates Stress

Remember what we talked about before? You’re a business owner. When’s the last time you could actually relax? You’ve always got to be working to sell more, optimize your business and make more money.


And that’s where marketing comes in.


Marketing can knock that stress off. If you have a successful ad campaign running, if you have a consistent funnel, you won’t have to be stressed all the time. When you know where your next customer is coming from, you can focus on the things that improve your business.


To put it short, marketing is important because it allows you to thrive, not just survive. Market so that you can consistently earn, not fight every day to keep your business afloat. It’s the golden key to becoming that stress-free business owner you dream of being!

I don't know what's happening here. But she's stressed. You don't have to be -- hire a marketer.
I don’t know what’s happening here. But she’s stressed. You don’t have to be — hire a marketer.


Marketing is Important Because It Establishes Who You Are

The first part of your business that people see? Your marketing material. You have a perfect chance to change the perspective customer’s perception of your business with your marketing material.

No marketing material? You’re leaving it up to chance. I know I wouldn’t want to leave my income, my family’s financial safety, up to chance.


Marketing establishes your brand. It creates your customers’ first impressions, it tells the world who you are what you’re about. Don’t leave that up to chance.


Marketing is important because it creates the image that will forever stick with your business.

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