3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Web Copy

Web copy can be the difference in a conversion and a bounce. Here's 3 easy ways to improve your web copy.
Web copy can be the difference in a conversion and a bounce. Here’s 3 easy ways to improve your web copy.

We all struggle to get someone’s attention, especially in our web copy. Finding the perfect words that sell your product can be frustrating and difficult. However, these 3 easy ways to improve your web copy are easy, simple, and will be your new best friend.


Talk to Your Audience

Drop the fancy language and use words everyone understands. No one wants to think hard when they’re shopping online. The easiest way to lose your audience is to ramble and by having sentences where every other word has to be defined. They came to look at your product, not increase their vocabulary. Make your web copy sound like a genuine conversation so you can connect with them. Using these simple words will create an authentic feel. Turn off your radio voice and talk to your customers. Treat them like your family, the family you like, anyway. Good copy is all about connecting with others and that is what you want to do with your customers.

Do your readers need this while they're reading your web copy? If so, change it.
Do your readers need this while they’re reading your web copy? If so, change it.


Know your audience. Remember earlier when I said to treat them like family? Take the time to get to know who you’re talking to. Do a little research on your targeted audience to get an idea of what they’re like. I’m not saying you need to call them up once a week and exchange recipes (Unless you and your customers are just that close) but get a feel for what they like and what interests them. When Hot Wheels tries to sell their toys, they don’t use words like “sparkly” and “cute”, do they? No, that would be ridiculous. Instead, they use words that capture boys’ attention. Their logo is surround by fire, drawing in every little boy to beg their parents to buy their product for them. Be specific to capture someone’s attention. Using generic words to try and relate to everyone isn’t relatable to anyone. You can’t please everyone so let’s not try. Instead, please a specific group and make your product relatable to someone. Think about the game of darts: You have to aim to hit the board.


Make Your Web Copy About Benefits

“What benefits do I offer my customers?” This is now your favorite verse from the bible of Web Copy. I know I said your customers should be your family, but they’re not always the favorite aunt who bakes you cookies. They can also be the greedy cousin who wants everything for themselves. It is important to focus on what you can do for THEM! Write all about the benefits of your product and how they’ll need it to survive daily! Tell them how they’ll benefit from this every day and it’ll be the best purchase they’ve ever made.


Describing your product is important, but leave room for curiosity. Curiosity gets the best of everyone and leaving a little information out of the description will make your audience want to buy it and explore it themselves. Instead, focus on how this product will serve them. Let’s say you’re selling scarves because who doesn’t like a good scarf? Don’t say “made out of 100% wool.” Say “this wool made scarf will keep you warm on those cold winter nights.” See the difference? I’m already sold.


Selling Your Product

Before you get lost in all the formulas of writing copy, don’t forget about your product. It may sound silly but numerous consumers get so caught up with word choice and techniques they often forget to mention the product they’re selling. Don’t be this person. Use bullet points to highlight the good and this way you won’t lose the attention of the buyer.


Use your readers' pain points as an opportunity to improve your web copy.
Use your readers’ pain points as an opportunity to improve your web copy.

Talk about your product like it has changed your life. This is your creation — be proud of it.  When you’re confident about your product, others will be confident as well. You want your copy to seduce your customer into giving in and buying the product. Focus on the interesting aspects of it and then turn those into benefits. Do a little research and know who you’re talking to. Know their pain points.

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